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RPDC offers you three primary scenarios.



A granny flat is an investment property in your own backyard. By maximising the potential of your own valuable land, you can earn a second income and also add real value to your current property. Granny pays itself off in 5-7 years and provides a return on revenue of 15-18%.





Duplex may be sub-divided as either Torrens or Strata Title subject to your councils Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and council approval. Duplex construction is seen as a low cost way of achieving higher housing density in established older suburbs of Sydney and adding value to the existing home site. 


 双联屋,在有限的地块大幅增加建筑密度,每个房子有独立的地契,可以独立买卖, 大大提高单独地块的投资回报。


Subdivision involves dividing an existing parcel of land into two or more lots. This process creates a new Title for each new lot once registered with the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI). 


 分割地块,将一块地分为两个或多个地块,每个地块有独立地契,可以分开销售。 最大程度提高原来一个整体地块的投资回报率。


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