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Land purchasing stage:






  • Shortlist lands



  • Provide feasibility report for shortlisted lands. 


  1. Land title search – easement, caveat and covenant

  2. Deposited plan – land size and boundary length

  3. Sales history search – price

  4. Sewer Diagram / DBYD – Sydney water board sewer location

  5. 149 Planning certificate – planning restriction on land

  6. Check LEP & DCP of local councils and SEPP NSW

  7. Development options suggestions

  8. Preliminary planning – incl. master plan, floor area, site coverage, landscape area, parking calculations

       调查地块的状况,地下管线,有无不可建区域,政府对地块的开发控制条例, 地上建筑设计控制,初步建筑设计                      规划,包括总平, 容积率,建筑面积,绿化,车位等的计算


  • Prepare legal documents with solicitor for contract exchange



  • Project progress and future cash flow planning



  • Preliminary feasibility report (incl. detailed planning and construction estimated cost) for the land purchase loan and the future construction load




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