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RPDC provides exclusive property development consulting services. The business was grounded on building design, liaising with building consent authorities and all sorts of consultants in the building industry for years. There are many successful projects completed in the past years, the return on cost of most of these projects were min 100% in three year period. Recently, we have other professions as solicitors, accountants, land buyers' agents and so on come to work with us. We are sincerely looking for investors who are interested in doing residential property development. 


We specialised in highlighting the weakness and potential of lands, coordinating in obtaining the development application approval and construction certificate, construction management. We are a one stop shop facilitating you to achieve your goal.Our consultants have been practicing for more than 30 years. Our experience and understanding of the building industry help to eliminate the risks and the unnecessary cost happen during the whole process.


RPDC 是一家提供住宅房地产开发的顾问公司。 公司建基于建筑设计,报建,跟council和私人审批公司,其他行业有关的顾问合作取得施工证。在我们设计的项目中,不乏一些小型地产开发项目, 他们的收益都基本是三年内不少于100% 的成本回报率。 于是我们利用之前的成功经验,加上新的力量如律师,会计师,地产买手等的一同协作, 提供一站式从选地,报建,项目管理等一条龙的服务。我们的专家顾问已在这个行头超过30年经验, 擅长分析地块的优劣势, 投资回报分析,主持设计报建,施工管理, 扫除开发过程的障碍, 从而辅助您顺利开发,赚取丰厚的回报。


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